Day two of the BKM conference was about business development. Guy Mycroft from Mycroft Management and Consulting facilitated this day and did a fabulous job. Guy commented “It was great to see the talent you have in your organization, and especially good the contributions of the new people attending.” He also comments, “If you can generate an organizational wide culture of growth, the future looks assured.”

Our leadership team had many comments on the Conference. Daniel Shaw, Director and SMSF Specialist, says that “Friday’s sessions on Business Development was an excellent way for our team to work on how we can attract the types of clients we love to work with.” Marie Lettieri-Passarelli, HR and office manager also says that “Together we will continue to achieve great things for our clients and BKM”.

Darren Williams, principal for DFKBKM, says the conference was “A great workshop to establish a clear plan for moving forward.” Kevin Adams, BKM Audit Director also comments that “Business development is exciting.”

Cheree Woolcock, CEO & Director emphasised the importance of the DFK Australia New Zealand (DFK ANZ) and DFK International alliance as a significant part of our business strategy. “We’re looking forward to implementing these actions and formulating systems and plans to compliment the strong foundations of our firm.”