Do you have the time or the skills to prepare and interpret the financial management reports that are required to guide your business?

With rapid advancements in technology, is your business best placed to utilise the cloud resources that are now a crucial part of a business back office.

2020 has been a year of obstacles and difficulties for most small businesses, we’re hoping yours hasn’t suffered heavily. BKM’s virtual CFO team remains fully operational and we’re available to help you get back on track no matter where you are located. Our Virtual CFO has always operated remotely, the effects of COVID-19 has had little impact on the way we determined success for our clients.

We dedicate our time ensuring all of your compliance is up to date, analysing your results to develop strategies to improve and advance your business. Implementing our skills and expertise we review your financial performance, prepare your management accounts and offer you strategic business advice based on our findings. Communicating directly with your dedicated virtual CFO team will help us identify how to reach your businesses goals and objectives.

We will walk with you to strategise the direction you want to take your business, corresponding frequently with our virtual CFO team. Regular catch-up meetings can be held over the phone, via Zoom or in person post COVID-19.

Continuous Technology enhancements allow our virtual CFO team to thrive. As we move into the digital era, technology and systems are currently at their peak this allowing our business process to also enhance. As accountants we need to move with the times and update out systems and processes regularly.

With tools like Xero, Receipt Bank and Hubdoc we have seen processes now improved. What was once an inefficient task now can be complete in a streamlined process. This kind of technology helps us assist your business swiftly. Our virtual CFO team want to be as efficient as possible which is why using cloud technology puts us at the forefront. Having access to technology that allows us to add value to our service, also allows us to enhance your experience with us.

We offer a highly responsive team who will communicate with you in a timely matter as we offer a customer service focused structure. We will coordinate a fixed contract agreement with you so you will always know what bills to expect each month. Our virtual CFO leaves you confident knowing a solid professional team is driving your system in direction you’d always hoped.

Our virtual CFO is ready to help get your 2020 back on track.

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