As part of the Annual Wage Review for 2021, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) announced a 2.5% increase to the national minimum wage and award wages. This will occur in 3 different stages.

The increase in annual wages applies to anybody who is paid minimum award wages or the national minimum wage.

If you are covered by a registered agreement, (usually a contract between an employer and their employees regarding employment conditions), it is important you check if this increase affects you.

For those who are not covered by any award, the national minimum wage will now be $772.60 per week. Or $20.33 per hour. This will apply from 1 July 2021.

The award increase will happen in 3 stages.

1 July 2021Most Awards
1 September 2021General Retail Industry Award 2020
1 November 2021Airline Ground Staff Award
Airport Award
Alpine Resorts Award
Amusement Award
Cabin Crew Award
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Award
Fitness Award
Hair and Beauty Award
Hospitality Award
Live Performance Award
Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award
Models Award
Nursery Award
Pilots Award
Racing Clubs Events Award
Racing Ground Maintenance Award
Registered Clubs Award
Restaurant Award
Sporting Organisations Awards
Travelling Shows Award
Wine Award

For more information on the National Minimum Wage Order, please visit the Fair Work Commission website