Don’t miss our webinar this Thursday at 2.30pm AEST where we’ll be providing valuable insights on the accounting, tax, structural, legal and compliance factors that are essential for business owners to know if you are looking to set up for business in the United States of America.

Join DFK Zainer Rineheart Clarke Director, Linda Kachiu and tap into her expertise and experience.

DFK ANZ is a dynamic family of privately owned, specialist accounting firms, connected nationally and globally. DFK International has 220 member firms operating out of 435 offices in 93 countries, if you want to operate or grow internationally, DFK can help you get there by tapping into our global membership.

This is a part of our “DFK ANZ Doing Business Overseas” series of educational webinars running throughout August and covering Singapore, the US, New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong.

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