The ChatGPT Revolution: how to simplify your work and life admin.

Friday, June 16, 1pm AEST

The future of AI has arrived, and it’s here to help you free up time for what really matters. But only if you know how to use it effectively!

Productivity expert and bestselling author Donna McGeorge shows how ChatGPT is much more than a cool new tech tool: it’s a multi-purpose, lightning-fast virtual assistant that can help you organise your everyday work and life.

In this session, you’ll learn how to put ChatGPT to work, getting it to draft emails and reports, brainstorm and test ideas, create a meal or fitness plan, or even plan your next vacation.

Learn how to:

  • understand what ChatGPT is capable of
  • write smart, specific prompts and queries to get the results you need
  • build on existing examples to create new uses of your own
  • revitalise your workflows and overcome procrastination and creative blocks
  • organise and summarise data and information to create reports, schedules and more

This Masterclass is a part of our ongoing Business Support Series developed for business owners. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert how ChatGPT can become a virtual assistant, researcher, brain stormer, summariser and tactician, saving you time and headspace every day.

If you would like to learn more about Chat GPT, please find the following article by speaker Donna McGeorge:

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