(From left to right) Jacob Bourke, Stephen Bearchell, Richard Lyons, Jessalyn Borden and Jenivie Nidua traveled to Brisbane last week for DFK Australia New Zealand’s 2024 Graduate Camp.

The camp is a 2-day conference, which is a part of the People Development Plan (PDP), a collaborative program of DFK partner firms across Australia and New Zealand to provide both undergraduates and postgraduates with different opportunities to further their skills and knowledge of the Accounting industry.

The conference was facilitated by Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie, Gary Nugent, and Radlee Moller, with a goal in mind for accountants and graduates to come together and network with one another across the nationwide DFK partner firms.

“The PDP program gave us a solid grounding in the emotional intelligence skills we need to achieve our goals. Additionally, it gave us a perspective of the scope of DFK Australia, Asia-pacific, and international that would otherwise be reserved for those in senior management. This has been an invaluable experience that I recommend any new staff member undertake.”

Richard Lyons (Graduate Accountant)

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other graduates and begin to build professional relationships in the industry. It was fantastic to understand what being a part of DFK means. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned to enhance both my professional skills and collaborative relationships.”

Stephen Bearchell (Graduate Accountant)