DFK International Women in Leadership

21 – 23 February 2019

Prague here we come!

DFK conferences provide a forum for partners from member firms to meet in person to develop ever closer personal relationships and develop new ways of doing business together.

With the formation of the DFK International Women in Leadership (DFK I-WIL) committee in 2018, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming DFK I-WIL conference in February 2019 in Prague.

This committee comprises 20 women from DFK offices from 13 countries. Our own Cheree Woolcock, CEO of DFK Benjamin King Money will be in attendance in her position as the Chair of DFK Australia and New Zealand.

Focus will be on ways to be more supportive and inclusive of females in their career progression as well as highlighting the benefits of a diverse workforce. As a way of better understanding the challenges many woman have overcome in their career, various DFK personnel will share their own personal journey and experiences.

The discussion will not be about the role of the individual nor the scale of the business they are involved in but about women running successful businesses and what their own experiences have been along the way. While these are individual stories, they are stories which we can all learn from.

The fact is that 50 per cent of employees in DFK International member firms are women but this is not the case at partner level. Further exploration is needed around why women drop off when it comes to senior leadership roles.

In addition, the mentoring program for both women and men will be further discussed. This program will allow senior women and men in DFK offices to guide and coach younger professionals in their career development.

While all DFK firms are independent, the conference is a way of joining together to support young professionals and promote career development.