From 1 July 2022 the ATO has revised the working from home deduction fixed rate to 67 cents per hour from the previous 52 cents and 80 cents per fixed rate methods.

This fixed rate covers the following expenses that can’t be claimed separately. 

  • Telephone and internet expenses 
  • Electricity and gas cooling and lighting 
  • Stationery and computer consumables including printer ink and paper 

Other items including office furniture and computer equipment can be claimed separately.

The other methods remain the same including the actual expense methods.   You will need records (receipts) of actual expenses purchased and it will need to be apportioned for private and work-related expenses.

On top of the fixed rate changes from 1 March 2023 the taxpayer will also need to record and provide evidence of the actual hours worked from home.

Please contact your representative at DFK Benjamin King Money to review and discuss the above.