Information DFKBKM require to complete your individual income tax return


  • PAYG Summaries for the relevant financial year
  • Details of any interest earned for the financial year
  • Details of any government allowance received e.g. youth allowance and other Centrelink benefits
  • Details of any dividends received
  • Any partnership and trust distribution e.g. income from managed funds and family trusts
  • If the client is a sole trader details of business income and expenses
  • Details of any capital gains e,g, sale of shares or real estate
  • If the client owns a rental property details of rent received and expenses relating to the property


  • Details of any work related expenses such as:
    • Tools
    • Union fees
    • Electronics
    • Telephone and internet
  • Motor vehicle expenses (please note that only the logbook and cents per km methods are available for the 2017 FY
  • Any work related travel expenses e.g. parking, tolls or interstate trips
  • Donations made
  • Work related uniform


  • Private health insurance statements