ASIC fee increase for 2018

ASIC fees are indexed each year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous March quarter.

The 2018 annual fee indexation has occurred effective 4 July 2018 and the most common fees have increased as follows:

*Please note that these fees are no longer viable and have since changed. If you would like to see an update for ASIC fees for the year 2021, please click here.

Fee Type New Fee Former Fee
Annual review fee (for most companies) $263 $254
Annual review fee for super fund trustees* $53 $48
Change of company name $403 $395
Application for voluntary deregistration $40 $39
First late fee (up to one month) $79 $78
Second late fee (more than one month) $329 $323
Business name registration/renewal for 1 year $36 $35
Business name registration/renewal for 3 years $84 $82

DFK Benjamin King Money corporate secretarial service fees have not increased.

ASIC fees are not subject to GST.

* Please note that this only applies to companies that meet the definition of a special purpose company as defined in paragraph (f) of the definition of special purpose company in Regulation 3 of the Corporations (Review Fees) Regulations 2003, including that the constitution prohibits distribution of the company’s income or property to its members and that the sole purpose of the company is to act as the trustee of a regulated superannuation fund within the meaning of section 19 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. If you have been paying the proprietary company fee and think this scenario may be applicable to your company please contact our office.

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